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We use our RVQ grill every time we are out camping. We find it easy and simple. With four of us we find it works great... The convenience of it just makes it that much nicer. We have done everything from hot dogs to hamburgers to chicken and a tri-tip roast.
Christine Shubin,
Santa Fe Springs, CA

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ABOUT RVQ II: The Handy, Portable RV Grill

The RVQ II Grill offers a griddle and a grill all in one.
For years, the RV industry has needed its own grill. Most campers lugged along a charcoal grill from a local store, used it for a week, and threw it away. In the past few years the use of charcoal has been banned from most state parks and private camps because of the potential fire hazard. This left campers the option of not only lugging around a gas stove, but an additional 20lb bottle in order cook.

The RVQ II Grill is designed to hang on the side of an RV and work off the already onboard Propane. We provided an extrusion and a gas quick disconnect valve that was attached to the unit permanently. We then created a way to attach a frame to hold the grill and a hose connection in order to marry them together in one kit. We also threw in a bag to store all the parts when breaking camp.

The RVQ (a product of the now defunct Vitco Industries, Inc.) has been a huge success and has been copied by many but never with the quality of our original grill. After several successful years, campers have been asking for a larger cooking surface and begging us to figure out a "Griddle System" so they could cook eggs and pancakes on their grill.

We introduced the RVQ II in 2004 with more cooking surface, a piezo starter, and, best of all, a large griddle. It is made for us exclusively by the folks who make all the George Forman Grills. It is now the Cadillac of all the RV grills in the marketplace today.

Today, the RVQ II Grill is a product of Russell Products, Inc. We have great plans for the future including a stand to make the RVQ II more portable. We hope you enjoy your RVQ II!

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